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IT ALL STARTED IN 1968, when Thisted Elektro & Køleteknik electrical installation and service company was founded by HM Mortensen in Thisted. At that time, the main focus of the business was on the sale and repair of electromotors.

1977: the name was changed to H.M. Elektro Aps.

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1979: Having seen an opportunity in the sector of sheet metal processing machines, the company began with the production of its own range of conventional machines. In a very short time, the business had switched to machine manufacturing and was now in need of larger production and handling facilities.

With a significant increase in export demand and in order to better meet the international market needs, the company again changed its name, but this time was incorporated under the name H.M. Production A / S.

1994: to support the further development of export sales in the UK, the subsidiary H.M.Production UK Ltd was formed, based on the outskirts of London.

1994: H.M. Produktion also took over the Swedish company Strands Mekaniska Verkstad, a manufacturer of gear-driven vertical drills, with production in both Arboga and Rosenfors. In 1997 the name was changed to H.M. Maskiner AB.

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1999: the two Swedish drill manufacturing operations merged and the company’s head office became Rosenfors. Later that year, another subsidiary, H.M. Production A/S, was formed in Norway.

1994: H.M. Production also took over the Swedish company Strands Mekaniska Verkstad, a manufacturer of gear-driven vertical drilling machines, with production in both Arboga and Rosenfors, respectively. In 1997, the name was changed to H.M. Maskiner AB.

1999: H.M. Holding A/S had taken over the company Jono Technologi ApS – Grindsted, with all rights to manufacture hydraulic machines for sheet metal processing up to 20 mm thickness and 4 m length.

With H.M. Production business is growing rapidly, to handle the wide range of activities, H.M. Group was formed in 1998, a holding company consisting of H.M. Production A / S with all subsidiaries and H.M. Automatic A / S.

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2000: H.M. Holding A/S also took over their long-time neighbor and subcontractor WK Værktøjs & Maskinfabrik and its subsidiaries – WK Tools both based on the same company park Vilhelmsborgvej.

This acquisition was considered to be the first step in the transition of the manufacture of hydraulic machines from Grindsted to Thisted.

2005: Scantool Group was given the opportunity to take over HM Group’s company; HM Teknik A/S and HM Machinery A/S in Thisted.

In addition to the takeover of the entire warehouse at Thistedfabrikerna, HM’s sales warehouses in Sweden, Germany and Slovakia were also included in the takeover.

Everything was moved to Scantool’s factories in Brovst. All rights, drawings, designs and logos were included in the deal so that we could continue to market HM products worldwide.

The well-known HM logo, with its seven golden balls, symbolizes that HM is prepared and ready to meet the needs of its global customers seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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