SIMASV® was founded in 1957 by Pietro Vaccari, a mechanics fanatic.

The company took the name S.I.M.A.S.V., which stands for Italian “Specializzata Industria Macchine Applicazioni SottoVuoto”, or Specialized Industry for Machinery for Vacuum Applications.

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Originally, its products were oil burners, leather dryers and manufacturing tools.

Thereafter, the company became increasingly oriented towards the mechanical machining sector and in 1962 patented the horizontal hydraulic press for bending and cold machining of various metals.

The horizontal press proved to be a veritable revolution in the field of cold bending.

With its extreme ease of processing, it accelerated a number of applications that allowed machines to be called universal because of their great versatility.

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As a Simasv supplier, we can offer their pressing machines and tube and rod machines.

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We normally always have a T-22 & T-40 in stock.


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