SIMASV Universal Folding Machine T-40 SCANJA SUPER

SIMASV Universal Folding Machine T-40 SCANJA SUPER

Product Description

The design of this series of machines took the operator’s requirements as the foremost consideration. In fact, all models have been designed in such a way as to ensure a generous work surface to carry out a variety of work tasks. Another feature is the micrometric stroke adjustment controlled by a hydraulic valve; this enables continuous adjustment of the punch’s working rate and maximum precision to obtain the desired bending angle. The T40 model, including the digital version, is equipped with conical-shaped fixing pins (patented) for perfect adhesion to the workbench and to completely eliminate mechanical slack; they can be locked and unlocked with great ease using the special key. The entire series has a workbench in welded and stabilized steel, suitably shaped and dimensioned to work with twice the load of the machine to avoid deformation. The alloy steel carriage runs on oversized guides, hardened and ground, equipped with lubrication channels and special dust scraper. Lubrication plays a fundamental role and all models are therefore equipped with a manual lubrication pump for distributing the lubricant to all vital points of the machine. In models weighing over 40 tonnes, lubrication is carried out via an automatic pump with an electric device that indicates the oil level. The oil-hydraulic cylinder has been designed for medium pressure to ensure maximum balance between machine performance and the life of the most sensitive machine parts. The whole system is controlled by a hydraulic power unit which consists of a tank of suitable size to avoid harmful overheating of the oil and is equipped with measuring, regulating and hydraulic flow control instruments. In short, the SIMASV® press brakes are designed down to the smallest and seemingly most insignificant detail in order to offer complete and state-of-the-art products.

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