CEO AND FOUNDER PETER NILSSON decided to work on a new venture and was joined by Roundo AB’s best, smartest and most experienced team members when a change of ownership led to bankruptcy and closure of the Roundo AB factory.

Located in Sweden, with well-known Swedish quality and a customer-focused mindset, our passion for developing advanced bending machines has attracted the attention of customers all over the world.

Through our extensive knowledge of bending increasingly challenging materials, we continuously update our machines’ technology with more sensors, better controls and improved software functionality.

Plate Rolling Machine PB3 36 SweBend Web Header

Our customers value long-term quality investments and choose the path of innovation.

Unmatched expertise and a powerful worldwide support network consisting of a growing list of trusted resellers.

We look forward to working with you.

WE CAN DELIVER THE ENTIRE SWEBEND RANGE OF sheet metal machines AND tube & rod machines

We stock sb3b-65 & sb3b-75 for immediate delivery

Click here to download the sheet metal selection product catalogue

Click here to download the ringbock product catalog


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