FOR OVER 100 YEARS, WE AT MACHINERY SCANDINAVIA have manufactured reliable, gear-driven pillar drilling machines.

Today, we are a world leader in the manufacture of drilling machines and export our products all over the world.

In Scandinavia, we have a market share of as much as 80 percent! This means that no matter which part of the world you visit, you will find column drilling machines from the small mill town of Rosenfors in Småland.

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Over the years, we have accumulated a broad knowledge in everything that concerns machining.

Today, in addition to our well-known pillar drills, we can offer our customers customer-specific solutions in contract processing.

We care about our customers and our machines! With an extraordinary service and contact at every stage, the customer can feel safe with Machinery Scandinavia AB as a supplier!


Check here what kind of drilling machines we have in stock

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