RHTC C-press PPC-28

Product Description

This C-press has a capacity of 28 tons and is made in Europe. Suitable for cutting pressing and punching or other metalworking jobs. You can regulate the piston stroke with an electronic NC controller. With this control system it is possible to set the position of the piston stroke with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. When you need to keep the press in its lowest position under pressure, you easily adjust this hold time from 0 to 2 seconds.

Our 28-ton C-frame press has two working modes: manual and semi-automatic. The table is equipped with T-slots and a central hole (ø 40 mm): waste from punching can fall freely through this hole into the collection tray. Adjustment of speed and pressing force can be made using the hydraulic adjustment valves. In addition, the press is also equipped with a manometer.

We display this 28 ton C-frame press in our exhibition hall and deliver it directly from our warehouse worldwide. Contact us for more information or for a personalized quote on any of our Profi Press hydraulic C-frame presses!

Machine data


NC control

Table size


Max pressing force

28 tons





Press speed




Machine height


Machine weight

Vertical working height

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