Product Description

Microcrop is one of Geka’s ironworkers whose equipment includes 3 workstations for the following tasks:

Punching: Microcrop’s punching station can work with a maximum punching force of 36 tons and has a maximum capacity of Ø 28×10 mm. This punching station has a monoblock body and a sandwich structure. Its punch can be quickly changed and has various off-set punches available for punching over small angles. Some other additional features of this geka machine punching station are:
Adjuster for blade holder
Adjustable stripper
Security protection
Accurately positioned table with removable front for F-punching, leg downwards.

Cutting of flat bars: Microcrop’s cutting station can cut over a diameter of 350×6 mm or 200×13 mm. This flat cutting station is equipped with adjustable knives for cutting flat bars. It also has a material clamping guide.

Cutting of angles: This angle cutting station can cut angles at 45º or 90º. It can perform angle cutting at 90º over a surface up to 80x80x8 mm. At 45º, it can perform angle cutting over a surface up to 50x50x6 mm.

Machine data

Max punch diameter

27×10 mm

Flat iron

350x6mm 200x13mm

Round iron


Angle iron


Angle cut




Machine weight


Product data sheet

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